R9 Studios Ltd.





The R9 Studios’ quality management procedures ensures each project is met with efficiency and high quality, and delivery to the client. Our aim is to continually improve our quality processes to maintain a high standard, improve business performance, and retain clients.



R9 Studios strongly believes in collaboration. Collaboration requires key communication. Our process includes meetings to understand the client’s brief and strategy. An initial meeting is essential to understand the client’s needs and goals. We communicate through email, telephone and meetings offering the client complete flexibility.



We detail the scope of the project, specification and pricing to the client so everyone is clear on expectations and deliverables and pricing. We use this as a benchmark for moving forward.



Timescales are produced on a project by project basis. Client Approval/Review and amendment periods are scheduled at appropriate milestones within the project to ensure we are meeting client’s expectations.


Project Flow Process

R9 Studios follows a project flow as below to ensure all milestones are reached and quality checks are made.


  1. Initial Meeting

  2. Proposal

  3. Concept development

  4. Client review

  5. Client amends

  6. Storyboards

  7. Client review

  8. Client amends

  9. Animation development

  10. Client amends rnd 1

  11. Client Review

  12. Client amends rnd 2

  13. Client Sign Off


Business Continuity

R9 Studios uses G Suite to ensure project work can be accessed by authorised staff at remote locations outside the R9 Studios premises allowing for work to continue in the event of a disaster. Our work is backed up daily.


Annual Leave

Each member of R9 Studios has the necessary skills to accommodate others holiday leave and sickness. We also have skilled freelancers to support us when required.


Quality Checks


Throughout projects it is essential to follow strict quality assurance checks. Checks are as follows:


  1. The design/animation meets specified brand guidelines including tone of voice

  2. Dimensions, layout and Colour profile meet export requirements for the intended platform.

  3. Document checks – settings – dimensions, bleed, facing pages, stock, finish, document layout, columns, fonts, sizes, paragraphs, tracking, kerning, and spelling and grammar check, outlined fonts.

  4. Layered files for animation – check transparencies and colour profile.

  5. Check correct colour profile has been used CMYK / RGB / Spot Colour

  6. Check correct resolution has been used.

  7. Design Checks – Colour palettes, positions, spacing, alignment, weights, strokes, ensure consistency throughout.


Sign off:


  1. Quality checks as above have been conducted by one and one other at R9 Studios.

  2. Client approval and sign-off via written approval.