R9 Studios Ltd.



Our complaint procedure aims to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

Throughout the R9 Studios Ltd. complaints procedure we will endeavor to acknowledge receipt of a complaint on the day it is received. We will work to provide a full response within a further five working days.

Initial Complaint

Initially your complaint should be addressed to info@r9studios.co.uk or contact the R9 Studios team on 01226 490016.

Your concerns will be fully investigated by us, and we will aim to respond fully within 10 working days.

Level 2 Complaint

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our response, you should write to:

R9 Studios Ltd, 34 Victoria Road, Barnsley, S70 2BU 

After acknowledgement of your letter, the Director/s of the Company will investigate your complaint in detail, the result of such investigation will be passed back to the relevant department manager to report to you in detail of any such findings and the proposed resolution to the situation. We will provide a complete, written response within 14 working days.